How to Add Checkboxes to Excel

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Are you ready to use a great feature in Excel that could potentially cut down on data entry errors? Do you need to have data to use in formulas/functions? I’m always searching for ways to increase accuracy and have found checkboxes in Excel to be very useful.

Turn on Developer Tab

To insert check- boxes in Excel, you need to be able to see the Developer Tab. If you have is showing on your ribbon, then you can skip this section. Otherwise, you will need to go to the File tab and choose Options. On the Excel Options window, select Customize Ribbon on the left. Click in the box in the right column next to Developer. See Figure 1.

Customize Ribbon Developer tab

Figure 1

Insert a Checkbox

Now that you have the Developer tab, you will have access to form controls, which is where the checkbox is located. Click on Developer tab and click the Insert button in the Controls group. See Figure 2.

Checkbox control button

Figure 2

By clicking on the Check Box form control, you turned on the tool. Now the mouse pointed will look like a plus sign. You will position that where you want the first checkbox to go. If you don’t get just the right location, you can move it around after you have it created.

Format the Checkbox

Right-click on the checkbox and choose Format Control. This will open a Format Control dialog box with several tabs, which will give you access to all of the checkbox options. See Figure 3.

Format control dialog box

Figure 3

From the Control tab on the Format Control dialog box, you can create a link to another cell and choose whether to have the default value of the checkbox be checked, unchecked, or mixed. When you create a link to another cell, that cell will show True if the checkbox is checked or False if the checkbox is unchecked. You can then use the True or False in many formulas and functions.

To format the checkbox’s fill color, line color, etc. click on the Colors and Lines tab on the Format Control dialog box. See Figure 4.

Format control Colors and Lines tab

Figure 4

Make any changes and then click the OK button. To change the text, just right-click the checkbox control and choose Edit Text. See Figure 5.

Right-click menu and Edit Text selection

Figure 5

Additional Instructions

There is quite a bit more that you can do with checkboxes. I have included a couple of links to further information below:

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