DIY Valentine – Heart Shaped Text

Posted on February 9, 2018 by Angela Nino

Are you struggling with a Valentine’s Day gift idea for that special someone? Are they hard to buy for and you are out of ideas? Or, do you just want to do something special to create a DIY Valentine? Last year I decided that I wanted to do something creative for my two boys and husband for a Valentine gift. I thought that a special card for them would work best. I had written a poem for them in a previous year so had to scratch that off of my list of possibilities. I ended up creating a heart card for each of them and for my parents, too. Ideas Inside the heart shape had the name of the child…

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Mail Merge Labels in Word

Posted on January 31, 2018 by Angela Nino

  As I was getting my holiday cards ready to send recently, I realized again how useful mail merge was to create labels in Microsoft Word. If you are not using the mail merge feature, then you are missing out on a great tool. In my past training classes, I have encountered many students who think it is too complicated since it involves several steps. Usually when I go through the steps with them, they realize it is much easier than it seems. One of the best ways to start out with mail merge is to create basic mailing labels. For small and large businesses, creating labels can be a big time-saver. Start the Mail Merge Open a blank Word…

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My Computer Crashed – Can I Get My Word Doc Back?

Posted on January 5, 2018 by Angela Nino

Just the other day, I had a frantic phone call from a friend. She uses me as her help desk and troubleshooter in many software application questions. Her question was about her Word document recovery when her computer turned off during one of our storms. The computer shutdown when the electricity turned off. She had not turned it back on because of the storm. She wanted to know if she could recover the document that she was working on at the moment the computer turned off. She had not saved it on her hard drive yet and was concerned that she would need to completely re-create it. Many of us have encountered the same situation as my friend. If you…

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Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift Templates

Posted on December 21, 2017 by Angela Nino

I always have the best of intentions to get all of my holiday shopping done early. It rarely ever happens. Between work, family, friends, and many other obligations, buying presents can get pushed to the back burner. Or, I rack my brain trying to find the perfect gift for someone who has everything and end up rushing around at the last minute to find them something. No matter how it happens, I usually end up needing to figure out Christmas presents at the last minute for a few people. When I compound that with trying to live within a budget, I often look to something that I can create. If you are having the same experience this year, try some…

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More Excel Time-Saving Tips

Posted on December 15, 2017 by Angela Nino

Excel Time-Saving Tip #1 When auditing or checking a workbook, I have been grateful to be able to select all the formulas in the worksheet at once. This Excel time-saving tip will even select the hidden formulas. You can use the Go To command to get started. Use Ctrl + G as the keyboard shortcut to open the Go To dialog box. See Figure 1. Figure 1 Next, click the Special button in the bottom left corner of the Go To dialog box. To select all of the formulas, choose formulas and all of the items that you want underneath it and click OK. See Figure 2. Figure 2 Excel Time-Saving Tip #2 Have you ever needed to update a…

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3 Excel Formula Tips to Increase Productivity

Posted on November 30, 2017 by Angela Nino

  For many of us that live in Excel every day, we get a little giddy to learn about time savers. We search out anything that can help us be more productive. I’ve created macros and templates, but Excel offers many other great opportunities for increasing your efficiency by making it easier to work using formula tips. One way is through using formulas and functions. The three formula or formula-related tips that I think will help dramatically improve your productivity are using the VLOOKUP function, exploring text functions, and copying the results of formulas. VLOOKUP formula tips One of the biggest time wasting activities in Excel is having to look up items manually in a list. The function VLOOKUP in…

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Inking in PowerPoint

Posted on November 7, 2017 by Angela Nino

  Are you familiar with inking in PowerPoint? If you need to make annotations on a slide in a presentation, you need this feature. The tool is located on Review tab in PowerPoint (see Figure 1) and can help out as you prepare a presentation. I’ve even used it to create shapes and designs when I create a PowerPoint deck. Figure 1 Get Started Inking To get access to the inking tool, just click on the Review tab and click the Start Inking button. A new tab will appear called Ink Tools. See the ribbon in Figure 2. Figure 2 The default tool is the pen, but you can quickly switch to the highlighter. Both buttons are located in the…

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Switching between Excel Workbooks

Posted on October 16, 2017 by Angela Nino

When working with one Excel file (called a workbook) at a time, it is pretty easy to stay organized and move around easily. Opening a second Excel file can complicate things a little bit. Trying to move between multiple Excel worksheets can get even more problematic, especially if you need to look back and forth quickly. Then, make it more difficult by moving within the worksheets within the different workbooks. An example of this is when you are working on your budget from the last year or two to create your upcoming budget. If you have worksheets from several departments within each budget file, it can get really confusing. You can have all of the workbooks open but just look…

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Pro Tips for PowerPoint Presentations

Posted on October 6, 2017 by Angela Nino

Picture of a man giving presentation

About a month ago, I sat in on a presentation given by a good friend. She is a whiz at PowerPoint and seems to really “get” what it takes to reach an audience effectively. I am always impressed with her visual slideshows that are simple yet interesting. The slides add to her presentation without taking the focus off of her as the presenter. I asked if I could share some of her tips in a blog post and she agreed. Keep it Simple This is my friend’s greatest strength with PowerPoint. She does not just fill the screen with “stuff”. The presentations that have open space and are not cluttered seem to help us focus better and do not take…

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Effectively Searching and Sorting your Inbox

Posted on September 28, 2017 by Angela Nino

I cannot tell you how many times I have had a client need to pause our one-on-one training session to deal with email. We are usually sitting at their desk and are working with their files. A notification pops up with a new email message they received in their inbox. I have heard: “If I don’t deal with this now, I will forget about it.” “My inbox is taking on a life of its own.” “I’m sorry, I have to answer this now or I’ll lose this message in all of the others clogging my inbox.” “I have to leave this message in my inbox because it is a reminder for me.” Most of the people I train use Microsoft…

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