Create a Risk Register Using Excel


If you are involved in any level of project management, then you have most likely seen, used, or even developed a risk register. Being able to quantify the risk associated with each part of a project is important in planning, design, and implementation phases. Noting triggers and mitigating actions in the analysis is important, as well.

Microsoft Excel can help you with your risk register. You don’t need to create one from scratch. There are several templates and resources to help you. Check out the following sites to find templates, definitions of terms, and even tutorial videos.

Risk Register Tips, Terms and Templates

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Figure 1

Tutorials and Q & A’s

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Figure 2

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  1. Megan Wale says:

    Hi Angela Nino
    Thanks for referring our site Techno-PM for risk register template.
    I would like to tell that we have many other templates for all phases of project management life cycle.
    All templates are free to download.

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