DIY Valentine – Heart Shaped Text

Are you struggling with a Valentine’s Day gift idea for that special someone? Are they hard to buy for and you are out of ideas? Or, do you just want to do something special to create a DIY Valentine?

Last year I decided that I wanted to do something creative for my two boys and husband for a Valentine gift. I thought that a special card for them would work best. I had written a poem for them in a previous year so had to scratch that off of my list of possibilities. I ended up creating a heart card for each of them and for my parents, too.


Inside the heart shape had the name of the child along with several special good attributes listed for each one. I also used some photos and clip art to add fun shapes. I had the text going in different directions to give it a fun look. My cards were more simple than Figure 1 (below) but if you have some time, you can create something like did.

DIY Valentine - heart with text

Figure 1

Create the Shape

  1. Open a new, blank Word document. Click on the Insert tab and then on the Shapes button.
  2. Choose your shape. For this example, I chose the heart shape. See Figure 2. Click and drag to make a heart shape any size you prefer.

DIY Valentine - Insert Shapes button drop down menu

Figure 2

Add Text

  1. Once you have your shape, you can add text by typing it in the heart or you can add text in boxes. Adding the text in a box will allow you to turn the text different directions. (Note: In addition to typing in your text directly into the heart, you can copy and paste text into the shape.) I typed a name into the main part of the heart. Then, I created text boxes to add other words to the heart.
  2. To create the text box, click on the Insert tab and click the Shape button again. The text box is the first icon under the Basic Shapes category.
  3. Click inside the heart to make your text box. Then, type in whatever text you would like. I entered “funny” as the text. See Figure 3. Don’t worry…we will fix the colors next.

DIY Valentine - Adding text in a text box

Figure 3

Format the Text

  1. To format the text in any shape, just select the text and use the font group of buttons on the Home tab. Change the font, size, color, effects, and style. See Figure 4.

DIY Valentine - Font button group on the Home tab

Figure 4

  1. To change the border or shading on any shape, just click on the border of the shape and go to the Drawing Tools Format tab. Use the Shape Styles group of buttons and galleries along with the Text Direction button in the Text group. See Figure 5.

DIY Valentine - Drawing Tools Design tab ribbon

Figure 5

  1. Click on the border of the shape to vertically align the text using the Align Text button in the Text group (just under the Text Direction button…See Figure 5). Horizontally align the text using the alignment buttons on the Home tab in the Paragraph group. See Figure 6.

DIY Valentine - Horizontal alignment buttons in Paragraph group on Home tab

Figure 6

  1. To explore even more formatting options, right-click on the shape. From the right-click menu, check out Format Shape, Wrap Text, and More Layout Options to adjust spacing, text wrapping, borders, shading, and much more. See Figure 7.

DIY Valentine - Right click menu on shape

Figure 7

More Ideas

If you wanted to write a poem, you could put that text in the shape of a heart (or any shape). For business you could use the text in a shape in a brochure or flyer for visual appeal. Shapes are eye-catching, especially if you are able to print the item in color. You can be as creative or as simple as you would like. Get creative and try this idea for cute engagement, wedding, and baby cards and invitations. Share your ideas in the comments!


Angela Nino - Versitas Editor

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