Do you have the hottest MS Office skills for 2017?

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Do you have the top MS Office skills for 2017? If you are job hunting or looking to advance, are you able to perform the tasks that are asked of you? Are you an expert in knowing what is needed in today’s office environment?

From my experience with large, medium and small businesses, I have found that many of them use at least one Microsoft Office program. If you are searching for new employment, you will often see Microsoft Excel and Word on the description. I am seeing more organizations that rely on Outlook, PowerPoint and Access, too. Even SharePoint use is on the rise in many larger organizations.

Here are some of the most desirable MS Office and SharePoint skills for 2017. How many are a part of your toolbox?


  • Analyze Tables
  • Charts & Sparklines
  • Create Tables
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Convert Text to Columns
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Validation
  • Formulas
  • Functions (Logical, Financial, Statistical, Date and Time)
  • Goal Seek, Scenario Manager, Solver
  • Group Data
  • Macros
  • PivotTables & PivotCharts


  • Advanced Document Formatting (including Master Document creation)
  • Compare and Merge documents
  • Create Forms using fields and advanced form tools
  • Create and Use Templates
  • Mail Merge & using Outlook/Access for recipient list
  • Macros
  • Sharing & Protecting Documents
  • Track Changes


  • Auto Reply (Out of Office)
  • Calendars (Share and Configure)
  • Configure Email Settings
  • Create an Electronic Business Card
  • Filters
  • Plan Meetings
  • Scheduling
  • Set Message Rules
  • Tasks (Create, Schedule, and Delegate)


  • Broadcast and Share a Slideshow
  • Create and Format Templates
  • Create Interactive Slideshows (use transitions, animation and buttons)
  • Insert, Embed and Link data and media from other applications
  • Insert and Format Media (Sound, Video, Across slides)
  • Work with Slide Masters
  • Use the Advanced Timeline


  • Create & Design Databases
  • Create Advanced Queries
  • Calculated Controls
  • Data Sorting and Filtering
  • Establish Relationships and Changing Join lines between tables
  • Use VBA and SQL within Access
  • Use other Office applications with Access


  • Develop Forms, Lists, Libraries, and Apps
  • Design and Manage Team Sites
  • Use Workflow Feature
  • Set up and Use Tasks and Discussions
  • Use SharePoint with internal and external participants

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