Is Your Training Relevant?

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I was speaking with a training participant from an Excel class recently. He was telling me how relevant the Excel Intermediate features that he learned from class were to his daily job tasks. I felt so encouraged after the conversation and wished that everyone I talk to about training had the same experience.

However, according to current nationwide human resource surveys, one quarter of the respondents state that the training they are getting is not relevant or even appropriate to help them in their daily projects.

Have you assessed what your employees think about their training? Do you know if your technology training program is providing what is useful and necessary for your employees (and your organization) to be successful? Also, do you have the right people in the right sessions?

If you (and the participants in the training) are not seeing a direct link between what they do and the training, the session may seem useless. Make sure you are communicating and reinforcing the direct correlation about why the training is necessary and appropriate. Also, look for training methods and for trainers that can make the relationship between training and their jobs very clear.

Part of showing the relationship is going to be setting objectives with measurable outcomes. If you are not getting feedback from your training that can show time savings and other benefits of the training, you need to contact me! Our post-session evaluation instrument will provide you with performance feedback that will show a direct link between the technology training session and time saved on a weekly basis.

If you have not looked at your program this year and assessed how relevant your technology training has been, take a look at it today! If you need help customizing your technology training program to better fit your needs, I’d be glad to help in any way I can.

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Angela Nino - Versitas Editor

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