Often Undiscovered Feature in Microsoft Word

A couple of years ago, my husband decided to take some classes to make a career change. Since he is only taking one class per semester, it is a long process. As he takes each class, we talk through some of the his assignments. In the field he is taking classes, he doesn’t have a great deal of papers, but has more projects. In the class he is taking this Summer, though, he has a paper with a bibliography that needs to be included.

As I walked passed where he was working the other day, I noticed that he was writing down his references in a list to type in at the end of the paper. I asked him if he knew about the Bibliography feature in Microsoft Word. He said that he didn’t and that he was going to need to look up how to cite these references properly before typing them into Word.

I immediately sat down with him and showed him the powerful Citations and Bibliography feature in Word. If you click on the References tab, you will see several groups of buttons. The group that has “Citations & Bibliography” underneath it is the place I directed him. You can manage all of your sources here and insert footnotes/endnotes, too, from buttons on the same tab!

Before clicking on any buttons, you want to choose what citation style you want to use. There is a drop down list just to the right of the “Insert Citation” button. Next, click on the “Insert Citation” button and choose to add your source. I told him to add his sources as he went along so that he wouldn’t forget any. When the “Create source” dialog box opens, you can choose what type of source you are citing from a drop down list. My husband liked that the sources even helped him with documents from a website.


When my husband finishes his paper, he will be able to easily insert a Bibliography page at the end with all of his sources. In the same “Citations & Bibliography” group of buttons is a Bibliography button that will allow you to insert your bibliography with all of the sources.

Since many of us know someone who is in school, I thought it would be relevant to share this great, and often undiscovered, feature in Word. If you want to know about more of these wonderful elements of Word that often stay hidden to many of us, just let me know!

Angela Nino - Versitas Editor

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