Posted on November 22, 2010 by Angela Nino

I really, really like this time of year.  After enduring the hot summer, I love the cooler weather and all of the Fall/Winter holidays.  I also like how people’s attitudes seem to change some during this time of year.  They are more thankful, giving and caring. In view of this, I often ask my students in class what they are thankful for this time of year.  Because we are in a training class at their corporate location, I often get answers relating to their work, job, company, etc.  I think it is great that they can reflect back and see the good that comes from their job or from the organization they work for.  Often, I know that I get bogged…

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Lending a Hand

Posted on December 7, 2009 by Angela Nino

As I was recently reflecting on Thanksgiving and the holiday season, I made a list of all of my blessings. (Amazingly, I don’t think of training all day every day!)  Making my list took longer than I expected.  There were so many blessings!  I actually do this daily on a smaller scale, too.  I think of three things that I am grateful for each day.  About five years ago, a friend and I started emailing these three things to each other every day.  What a difference it makes in my daily outlook!   When I look at all the blessings I have, I see that I have so much while those less fortunate may not have as much.  At that point,…

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