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The built-in features of Microsoft Word improve productivity and workflow. But, did you know that there are Word add-ins that you can download from the Microsoft Store that can help you even more? There are actually hundreds of add-ins for all of the Microsoft Office products.

There are 5 Word add-ins that have allowed me to be more efficient and to do tasks within Word that I was having to do outside of Word previously. The 5 top add-ins for me include: Picket Free Images, DocuSign for Word, Symbol Search, Vertex42 Template Gallery, and Office QR.

Search for and Install Add-ins

You can find add-ins through the Microsoft Store. If you prefer, you can also download them by going to the Insert tab in Word and clicking on My Add-ins. See Figure 1.

Microsoft Store for addins

Figure 1

Once you click on the Add-in you’d like to download, just click the Add button. See Figure 2.

Example add-in

Figure 2

Depending on the Add-in, you may see a choice of more than one Microsoft application, as in Figure 3. Click to Open in Word.

Open in Word add-in

Figure 3

Click the Open Link button. See Figure 4.

Open Link dialog box

Figure 4

Then, click Yes to open the file. See Figure 5. Most of the Add-ins comes from third-party vendors, so you will want to note their terms and requirements.

Open the file add-in dialog box

Figure 5

Once the Add-in installs, you will see a message where you will need to click Trust this add-in. See Figure 6.

Enable add-in button screenshot

Figure 6

When I installed the add-ins, I had to close Word and re-open it to see the add-ins. If you use Office 365, you might need to sign out and sign back in again. See Figure 7 and 8 for the Insert tab Add-in buttons.

ribbon add-in buttons

Figure 7

Add in dialog box

Figure 8

Picket Free Images

The Picket Free Images Add-in lets you search and insert high quality photo images into your document. See Figure 9 for the image of the Add-in page on the Microsoft Store website.

Picket Free Images

Figure 9

Once it is installed, you will have a task pane on the right side of your Word window where you can search for images. Just type in your search term to see the pictures populate in the pane. See Figure 10.

Picket task pane

Figure 10

I entered the search term computer. See Figure 11.

Picket task pane with search term

Figure 11

Click on the photo you would like to use and then click Insert at the bottom of the task pane. Click Allow Access on the dialog box that opens. See Figure 12.

Insert button on task pane

Figure 12

You will see the Copied to Clipboard message that indicates you can paste the image where you would like in the document. See Figure 13.

Copied to Clipboard screenshot

Figure 13

DocuSign for Word

I have a DocuSign account and so DocuSign for Word was an essential Add-in for me. I do not have to go outside of Word to set up or sign a secure document. If you need clients to sign your documents online, this is a must-have. You can choose who the signers will be, who is able to see the document, and email it to the signer. See Figure 14 for the Add-in page on Microsoft’s store website.

Docusign add-in

Figure 14

Symbol Search

If you are tired of combing through the symbols table, this Add-in will be indispensable to you. It is good for everything from generic symbols to scientific writing. See Figure 15.

Symbol search add-in

Figure 15

The symbols can be searched or browsed by categories. See Figure 16.

Symbol search screenshot for searching

Figure 16

Once you find the symbol you want, you just click Insert to place it in your document.

Vertex42 Template Gallery

The Vertex42 Template Gallery Add-in has provided numerous templates for me in Word (and in Excel). If you’d like to have additional templates to choose from without going outside of Word, this Add-in would be beneficial for you. You will find calendars, cover sheets, resumes, and even business plan templates. See Figure 17 and Figure 18. Search by keyword or scroll through the categories.

Vertex42 template gallery

Figure 17

example doc in add-in

Figure 18

Office QR

When I have needed to include a QR code in documents, the Office QR Add-in was able to create them for me. You can add information like contact information, address, URL, text, phone, etc. Once the code is created, you can insert it into your document. Try it for advertising materials, reports, newsletters and much more. See Figures 19 and 20.

Office QR add-in

Figure 19

Office QR example screenshot

Figure 20

Do you have a Word Add-in that you cannot live without? Please share it in the comments!

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