Use Publisher to Create Photo Bookmarks

I am not sure how I got roped into hosting five showers and parties in the next month. What was I thinking? I have a couple of wedding showers, a graduation party, and two baby showers. With the cost of hosting these events, I’ve tried to find ways to make favors to hand out that don’t break the bank.

One of these favors is a photo bookmark. I’m making these for one wedding shower and the graduation party. My niece was super excited to send me her senior picture. She wants to write something on many of the bookmarks for people to say thank you for supporting her over the years. I thought that was a great idea on her part to make the favors special.

Here is how to make the Photo bookmarks for your next event.

Set up

Start by opening Publisher and entering “Photo Bookmark” in the search box. I only had one result, which makes it very easy to find. Publisher states that the bookmarks can be printed on Avery 89105 binder spine inserts. They are 1 ½ inches. After printing, you can cut them to fit. See Figure 1.

template photo bookmarks

Figure 1

Add Your First Photo

Next, you can add pictures. The great thing about these bookmarks is that you can add the same picture on all of them or choose different ones for each. Publisher already has one picture inserted on the very left bookmark. You can click on that picture to change it. When you click on the picture, you will see an image that looks like two triangles with a right pointing arrow. See Figure 2.

photo click image

Figure 2

Right-click on that image to be able to choose a new picture. From the right-click menu, choose Change Picture and then Change Picture again from the next menu that opens. (Note: you can choose to Remove the picture completely or reset the picture from this right-click menu, too.) See Figure 3.

right click menu

Figure 3

The window that opens next will allow you to choose from finding a file on your computer or looking for a photo on Bing Image Search. See Figure 4.

Insert picture window

Figure 4

For my graduation party bookmarks, I’m going to navigate to a file on my computer that has the senior pictures my niece sent to me. For our example on this post, I’ll just use some generic images that are on most Windows computers contained in the Pictures folder. Click on Browse and navigate to your Picture folder. There will most likely be a Sample Pictures folder that contains several photos. See Figure 5. You can use one of these or any photos that you have access to on your computer.

navigate window dialog box

Figure 5

From the Sample Pictures folder, I chose the Koala.jpg image and the clicked the Insert button. You will notice that when you insert the Koala.jpg image that the baby photo (that was the default picture when we opened the bookmark file) moved over to the right in the gray area past the edge of your Publisher document. That happens to your unused pictures to make it easy to use them again. See Figure 6.

picture on side screenshot

Figure 6

Add Additional Photos

You can copy and paste the first photo to the other bookmarks if you want the same photo on all of the bookmarks. When you right-click and copy, you can click anywhere and right-click to paste. The photo will be duplicated and will overlap the first photo. Then, just drag it onto the photo spot on the next bookmark. The photo will pop into place easily. Repeat the process to complete the other bookmarks.

If you want to use different photos, you can click in the photo placeholder for the second bookmark. You will be taken to the same Insert Pictures window that is in Figure 4. Click Browse and navigate to the photo on your computer. You will do that on each of the bookmarks.

If your pictures come in black and white instead of full color, you can fix them easily. Just click on the photo and go to the Picture Tools Format tab. Click the Recolor button and choose the first option. That is the No Recolor option that will restore the color back to full color. I had to do that for each of the pictures except for the first one that I inserted. See Figure 7.

recolor screenshot

Figure 7

Change Color Scheme

The other main piece that I wanted to change was the colors of the bookmarks. It is easy to change the color scheme by going to the Page Design tab and choosing one of the other Schemes. See Figure 8. For my niece’s graduation, I picked the scheme that was closest to her school colors. For the wedding shower, I’m using their wedding colors.

color scheme screenshot

Figure 8

Printing Your Bookmarks

As I mentioned earlier, you can print your bookmarks on Avery binder spine inserts 89105. You can also use a light cardstock, as well. You can use a paper cutter to make clean cuts so that the bookmarks look very nice. Enjoy making and giving out your creations!

Angela Nino - Versitas Editor

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