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Upon successful completion of this training class, students will be able to:

  • Manage lists
  • Customize tables and charts
  • Present a professional appearance to your documents by customizing formatting
  • Customize styles for document elements
  • Modify pictures in a document
  • Create customized graphic elements
  • Structure content using Quick Parts
  • Control text flow
  • Automate common tasks
  • Automate document creation
  • Perform mail merges

Course Content

Lesson 1: Managing Lists

  1. Sort a List
  2. Renumber a List
  3. Structure a List on Multiple Levels
  4. Customize List Appearance

Lesson 2: Customizing Tables and Charts

  1. Modify Cell Structure
  2. Position Text in a Cell
  3. Apply Borders and Shading
  4. Sort Table Data
  5. Add Equations
  6. Perform Calculations in a Table
  7. Visually Represent Numerical Data

Lesson 3: Customizing Character and Paragraph Formats

  1. Control Character Appearance
  2. Control Paragraph Flow

Lesson 4: Customizing Styles for Document Elements

  1. Create a Text Style
  2. Modify an Existing Style
  3. Create a Custom List Style
  4. Create a Table Style

Lesson 5: Modifying Pictures

  1. Resize a Picture
  2. Set Picture Prominence
  3. Wrap Text Around a Picture

Lesson 6: Creating Customized Graphic Elements

  1. Draw Shapes
  2. Add Special Effects to Text
  3. Display Text as Graphic
  4. Using Text Boxes
  5. Create Complex Illustrations

Lesson 7: Structuring Content Using Quick Parts

  1. Create Building Blocks
  2. Insert Building Blocks
  3. Modify Building Blocks
  4. Insert Fields Using Quick Parts

Lesson 8: Controlling Text Flow

  1. Insert Section Breaks
  2. Add a Header and Footer for a Document Section
  3. Create a Newsletter Style Layout
  4. Create Pull Quotes
  5. Control Text Flow Between Text Boxes
  6. Lesson 9: Automating Tasks
  7. Perform a Task Automatically Using a Macro
  8. Create a Macro
  9. Modify a Macro

Lesson 10: Automating Document Creation

  1. Create a Document Using a Template Wizard
  2. Create a Document Based on a Template
  3. Create a Template
  4. Change the Default Template Location
  5. Automate Standard Text Replacement in a Template
  6. Apply And Customize Document Themes
  7. Create Custom Themes

Lesson 11: Automating Mail Merges

  1. Perform a Mail Merge Mail
  2. Merge Envelopes and Labels
  3. Use Word to Create a Data Source

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