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Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to: 

  • Work with tasks
  • Create notes
  • Use categories to retrieve items
  • Set different options
  • Share information with others

Course Content 

Lesson 1: Creating Tasks

  1. Creating a New Task
  2. Task Due Dates
  3. Recurring Tasks
  4. Assigning a Task to Someone Else
  5. Marking a Task Complete
  6. Using the To-Do Bar
  7. Creating To-Do Items
  8. The Daily Task List

Lesson 2: Working with Notes

  1. Creating a New Note
  2. Viewing Notes
  3. Converting Notes to Other Outlook Items

Lesson 3: Using Categories

  1. Assigning a Default Category
  2. Creating a New Color Category
  3. Viewing Items in a Category

Lesson 4: Setting Calendar and Message Options

  1. Displaying Other Time Zones
  2. Modifying Message Settings
  3. Modifying Delivery Options

Lesson 5: Sharing Information with Other Users

  1. Share Your Calendar Information
  2. Notify Others that You Will Be Out Of Office
  3. Creating an Electronic Business Card
  4. Viewing Saved Electronic Business Cards

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