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Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Brand a site collection
  • Manage lists in a site collection
  • Manage document libraries
  • Manage form libraries in a site collection
  • Manage content structures in a site collection
  • Manage a workflow
  • Manage indexing and searching options
  • Enable offline work with SharePoint sites using SharePoint Workspace 2010
  • Manage a SharePoint application using Central Administration
  • Manage user access
  • Manage security options in Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010
  • Manage site usage
  • Perform site maintenance

Course Content

Lesson 1: Branding a Site Collection

  1. Describe the SharePoint Site Hierarchy
  2. Create a Custom Look and Feel for a Site Collection
  3. Create a Custom Site Layout

Lesson 2: Managing Lists

  1. Perform Calculations on List Data
  2. Create Custom Lists
  3. Customize List Settings

Lesson 3: Managing Libraries

  1. Perform Advanced Operations on a Library
  2. Create a Library Template

Lesson 4: Managing Form Libraries

  1. Create a Form Library
  2. Customize a Form Template Using InfoPath

Lesson 5: Managing Content Structures

  1. Create a Content Type
  2. Apply Content Types

Lesson 6: Managing Workflows

  1. Add a Default Workflow
  2. Create a Custom Workflow

Lesson 7: Working with Indexing and Searching

  1. Index Content
  2. Enable Search Options

Lesson 8: Working Offline Using SharePoint Workspace 2010

  1. Synchronize a SharePoint Site on the Local Computer
  2. Perform Offline Operations on a SharePoint Site

Lesson 9: Managing SharePoint Applications Using Central Administration

  1. Create a Site Collection
  2. Administer a Site Collection
  3. Administer a Web Application

Lesson 10: Managing User Access

  1. Manage Permissions
  2. Describe Authentication Modes

Lesson 11: Managing Site Security

  1. Set Web Part Security
  2. Set Antivirus Options
  3. Manage Blocked File Types

Lesson 12: Managing Site Usage

  1. Set Site Collection Quotas and Locks
  2. Monitor Site Usage

Lesson 13: Managing Site Maintenance

  1. Recover Lost Information
  2. Perform a Granular Backup
  3. Restore a Granular Backup
  4. Perform a Farm Backup
  5. Restore a Farm Backup

Appendix A: Accessibility Features
Appendix B: Microsoft OneNote Integration with SharePoint
Appendix C: Permission Categories
Appendix D: File Types That Cannot Be Added to a List or Library
Appendix E: Creating a Master Page

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