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Upon successful completion of this course, students will deb

  • Working with the Slide Master
  • Customizing document themes
  • Creating PowerPoint templates
  • Creating slides from other file types
  • Reviewing your presentation

Class Content

Lesson 1: Working with the Slide Master

  1. Review of the Slide Master
  2. Customizing the Slide Master
  3. Creating a Custom Layout
  4. Customizing Bullets and Text
  5. Adding a Logo

Lesson 2: Customizing a Document Theme

  1. Applying a Document Theme
  2. Customizing with Theme Variants
  3. Using More than One Theme in a Presentation
  4. Changing Colors, Fonts or Effects
  5. Saving Themes

Lesson 3: Creating a PowerPoint Template

  1. Creating a Template from an Open Presentation
  2. Creating a New Presentation from a Template

Lesson 4: Creating Slides from Other File Types

  1. Importing Data and Charts from Excel
  2. Inserting Slides from another Presentation

Lesson 5: Reviewing Your Presentation

  1. Rearranging slides
  2. Hiding Slides
  3. Using the Document Inspector
  4. Using Presenter View and Adjusting for Widescreen View
  5. Sharing a Presentation via email or Presenting Online

Lesson 6: Saving Your Presentation as a Video

  1. Recording Voice Narration and Comments
  2. Previewing Narration
  3. Saving Your Video Presentation

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