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Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Identify the elements of the Microsoft Office Excel 2013 environment
  • Organize data in Excel worksheets
  • Analyze Excel data using Quick Analysis, conditional formatting, and Flash Fill
  • Chart data using Recommend charts and new PivotTable features
  • Present Excel data using online pictures and share online or via email

Class Content

Lesson 1: Identifying the Elements of the Excel 2013 Environment

  1. Work with the new Launch screen and OneDrive
  2. Identify the User and Ribbon Interface Elements
  3. Use Contextual Tabs
  4. Use Excel Galleries
  5. Customize the Excel Interface

Lesson 2: Organizing Data

  1. Insert Tables
  2. Format Tables
  3. Sort and Filter Data in a Spreadsheet

Lesson 3: Analyzing Data

  1. Use the Quick Analysis button
  2. Apply Conditional Formatting
  3. Apply a Formula
  4. Extracting or Adding Data with Flash Fill

Lesson 4: Charting Data

  1. Create a Chart using the Recommend Charts feature
  2. Format Charts with the Chart Elements, Styles, and Filters buttons
  3. Enhance a spreadsheet with Sparklines
  4. Create a PivotTable
  5. Customize PivotTables with the Timeline filter
  6. Drill into PivotTable Data with Quick Explore

Lesson 5: Presenting Data

  1. Insert an Online Picture
  2. Share and Export Excel spreadsheets

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