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Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Prepare to negotiate in a business environment.
  • Initiate negotiations and follow through on their results.
  • Negotiate with your partner.
  • Follow through on a completed business negotiation.
  • Negotiate in unique business circumstances.

Class Content

Lesson 1: Preparing to Negotiate

  1. Establish a Successful Mindset
  2. Research the Other Party
  3. Determine the Value of the Item Being Negotiated
  4. Determine Where You'd Like Negotiations to Take Place
  5. Establish Your Best- and Worst-Acceptable Outcomes
  6. Research Your Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)

Lesson 2: Initiating Negotiation: Establishing the Ground Rules

  1. Establish Rapport
  2. Establish Your Status
  3. Choose the Communication Method for Negotiation
  4. Establish the Rules of Engagement
  5. Set a Timeline
  6. Establish How Negotiation Results Will Be Communicated and Implemented

Lesson 3: Negotiating

  1. Encourage the Other Party to Issue the First Proposal
  2. Make the First Proposal
  3. Counter the Offer or Proposal
  4. Accept an Offer or Abort Negotiations
  5. Work Through an Impasse

Lesson 4: Following Through

  1. Evaluate the Success of the Negotiation
  2. Follow Up on the Relationship

Lesson 5: Negotiating in Special Circumstances

  1. Cross-Cultural Negotiation
  2. Cross-Generational Negotiation
  3. Negotiation with Supervisors and Subordinates

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