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Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Navigate a Document
  • Create and edit documents 
  • Format and align text 
  • Create headers and footers 
  • Setup and print 
  • Save documents in other file formats

Class Content

Lesson 1: Getting to Know Word 2016

  1. Navigating in Microsoft Word
  2. Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar and the Ribbon
  3. Using the Backstage View and Saving a File
  4. Exploring "Tell Me" and "Smart Lookup" Features

Lesson 2: Creating and Editing a New Document

  1. Adding and Editing Text 
  2. Selecting, Cutting, Copying and Pasting 
  3. Formatting and Aligning Text 
  4. Formatting Borders and Shading
  5. Adding Bulleted and Numbered text
  6. Creating a Document from a Template

Lesson 3: Setting Up and Printing Documents

  1. Setting Paragraph Alignment and Adjusting Line Spacing
  2. Inserting Headers and Footers 
  3. Collapsing and Expanding Document Sections 
  4. Working with Themes 
  5. Previewing and Printing Documents 
  6. Adjusting Page Setup Options 

Lesson 4: Viewing and Navigating a Document

  1. Using the Navigation Pane
  2. Choosing Document Views 
  3. Using the Read Mode
  4. Checking Spelling and Grammar

Lesson 5: Saving Documents in Other File Formats

  1. Saving as an earlier Word version
  2. Saving as a PDF file 
  3. Opening and Editing PDF files

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