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Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Work with styles and formatting
  • Set tabs and indents 
  • Create tables 
  • Insert graphics 
  • Insert bookmarks 
  • Use hyperlinks

Class Content

Lesson 1: Working with Styles and Formatting

  1. Applying Formatting 
  2. Using Quick Styles 
  3. Creating a New Style and Changing Existing Styles 
  4. Setting Tabs and Creating Indents 
  5. Adding Columns
  6. Exploring Column and Section Breaks

Lesson 2: Creating Tables

  1. Inserting Tables 
  2. Adding and Deleting Columns and Rows  
  3. Splitting and Merging Cells 
  4. Inserting a Quick Table

Lesson 3: Customizing Tables 

  1. Changing Table Styles 
  2. Adding Borders and Shading to Cells 
  3. Changing Text Direction
  4. Converting Text to a Table
  5. Sorting Table Data

Lesson 4: Working with Graphics

  1. Inserting an Image File and Online Images
  2. Capturing and Inserting a Screenshot 
  3. Formatting Graphics Image 
  4. Positioning with Layout Guides and Text Wrap 
  5. Inserting SmartArt 
  6. Inserting Symbols

Lesson 5: Inserting Bookmarks, Hyperlinks, and Coverpages

  1. Inserting and Using a  Bookmark 
  2. Creating and Editing a Hyperlink 
  3. Adding a Coverpage

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