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Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Work with shapes 
  • SmartArt 
  • WordArt 
  • Create tables, charts and graphics 
  • Create an onscreen slideshow

Class content

Lesson 1: Inserting and Formatting Shapes

  1. Adding Shapes to a Slide 
  2. Resizing and Moving an Object 
  3. Rotating and Flipping Objects 
  4. Aligning and Merging Objects with Smart Guides
  5. Arranging and Grouping Objects 

Lesson 2: Adding Text to Objects

  1. Adding Text to a Shape 
  2. Formatting a Shape 
  3. Applying Shape Styles 
  4. Matching Color with the Eyedropper tool

Lesson 3: Using SmartArt

  1. Inserting a new SmartArt Graphic 
  2. Creating SmartArt from existing text 
  3. Adding Shapes to the SmartArt Graphic 

Lesson 4: Inserting Tables, Charts and Graphics

  1. Creating and Formatting a Table 
  2. Adding and Customizing a Chart 
  3. Exploring New Chart Types 
  4. Adding Pictures, Videos and Sounds 
  5. Understanding Screen Rectordings

Lesson 5: Creating a Slide Show

  1. Adding and Customizing Animation Effects 
  2. Editing or Removing Animation Effects 
  3. Applying Slide Transitions and Using the Morph Transitions
  4. Inserting Hyperlinks and Action Buttons
  5. Saving a Presentation as a Slide Show

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