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It’s a new day in corporate software training. The training needs of today’s employees are notably different than in the past. Rather than sitting through boring classes which might offer only fleeting moments of relevant information, today’s more computer literate employees need specific, targeted information they can put to use right away.

We’ve been an industry leader in providing innovative methodologies to the corporate learning environment. Innovations including customizable training curriculum to personalize the training to your users, the introduction of half day classes for today’s busy workforce, and tailored, personalized instruction for individual employees.

We’re honored to provide training to many of America’s leading companies, including Apple, Coca-Cola, Yahoo!, McAfee, Oracle, Adobe, FedEx and others, to organizations including NASA, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Education, to nonprofit groups including The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, The Peace Corps and many more.

We want to make sure each class we deliver is the best class our clients employee’s have experienced. That’s why we customize every class we teach. It makes for a better learning experience.

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