Setting Up a Training RoomIt’s easier than you think.

Many companies don’t actually have a dedicated training room to deliver their class. Fortunately, if you have a conference room, you can easily adapt it into a training room.

Room Layout

The optimal layout is one including rows with the employees facing the instructor. An alternative layout is one with employees spaced in a U shape arrangement with the instructor situated at the top of the U.

Power Strips, Plugs and Outlets

Remember to have an ample amount of power cords to accommodate all of the computers and associated equipment. Don’t get caught short-handed!

Use an Overhead Projector

For classroom training we recommend the use of a projection system attached to the instructor computer so that employees can more easily follow along with the training. The use of a projection system will greatly enhance your learning event. An LCD, Plasma or large wide screen monitor system will work fine.

Employee and Instructor Computers

Most companies (clients) are responsible for providing employee and instructor laptops for their training. If you’re not able to supply the computers, notify your training provider in advance to see if they can assist with the arrangements or if they can recommend a rental company that you can secure them from.

Use of Flip Charts and Whiteboards

Use of a Flip Chart or White Board is a helpful and effective way to illustrate topics or areas of particular interest in an organized way. If you have access to either of them, be sure to include them in your training. You’ll be glad you did.

Software Installation

All the computers used in the training should be pre-loaded with the appropriate application software and set to your typical company standards.

Class Exercise Files

Computers used in your training should be pre-loaded with the appropriate exercise files (if applicable). Be sure your training company sends them to you prior to the class. They are often provided via downloadable links from the company or courseware provider. They files may also be loaded by USB drive or CD onto attendee computers or tablets.

A Final Word

As you can see, setting up your training room can be a pretty easy process. However, if you have any questions, contact us at (888) 572-1200 for more information.