Setting up a Training ProgramHelpful hints to make your training program a success.

So you’ve been asked to set up a training program…don’t panic! Here’s a list of helpful tips for setting up a successful training program:

Establish a Budget

How much should you allocate for your training budget? According to a recent report published by the American Society of Training and Development (ASTD), companies spend between one and three percent of their total payroll on training. Although your particular needs may vary, on a per-person basis the average spent on training is approximately $700 per employee per year, and in the leading-edge companies, that figure doubles to more than $1400 per employee per year.

Management Approval

A successful training program requires the support of your management. From approving your training budget to enforcing the training requirements for employees, the success of any training program will be greatly enhanced if you have the full support of your management team. If you would like information to help demonstrate the benefits of training to your management click here.

Needs Assessment

The next step is to determine the types of training your employees need. The most effective way to do this is to identify the skills required for a particular position and then determine which of those skills employees need to develop further. In many cases, an employee’s Manager can be a useful resource in helping to identify the skills needed by the employee. Some companies use needs assessment tools to determine the specific types of training required by each employee.

Researching Training Solutions

Once you have identified the types of training your employees need, you will want to begin searching for a suitable training provider. There are many training providers to choose from so it’s a good idea to compare several companies before choosing one. Be sure to ask for client references so you can get feedback from other organizations using their services. For more information on Choosing a Training Company click here.

Implementing the training

Here’s where all of your hard work pays off! Schedule training dates far enough in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts. When possible, provide employees course outlines ahead of time so they know what to expect from the class. Finally, work with your training company to coordinate the logistics for the training. For information on How to Set Up a Computer Classroom click here.

Post Training Assessment

Once the training has been completed, it’s a good practice to follow-up with the participants to get their feedback regarding the training and to encourage them to use the new skills they learned. Periodic follow-ups with both the participants and their Managers will help you determine the impact the training has had on employee productivity. Questions? Contact us at (888) 572-1200 or