1-to-1 TrainingThe ultimate in personalized learning.

Designed for employees with a basic understanding of an application that need to fill specific knowledge gaps, the 1-to-1 training option provides a totally personalized training experience.

These short durations sessions are entirely focused on an employees individual needs to become more proficient or expert in MS Office or business skills applications.

The 1-to-1 training is provided in 3 hour blocks of time and individual sessions typically range from 30 minutes up to 3hrs. The choice is yours! If you have two employees at the same skill level, they can even sit together in an individual session at no additional cost.


Benefits of our 1-to-1 Training

No classroom setup needed.  The training takes place at your employees workstation so no classroom is required.

Less time away from the job.  The training is available in 3 hour sessions which result in less downtime for employees. You can even have the instructor meet individually with multiple employees during the session to help keep costs down.

Employees can work on their actual documents. Versitas instructors can show them key features of an application while they are working on one of their actual documents or spreadsheets. Learning while working with actual employee data greatly increases learning retention.

Get assistance on other MS Office applications.  Although they may be primarily interested in learning a particular application, if they wish, this unique training provides them with the opportunity to receive assistance on other applications during their session including Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, etc.

Detailed ROI information. After the training you can receive a customized return on investment report based on their session that you can provide to management showing projected dollar savings as a result of the training session.


Simple pricing. Great Value.

All inclusive half day sessions from $595. View our pricing plans.
If 1-to-1 training won’t work for you, consider our full day or half day class training options.



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Training users is a unique skill. Versitas trained our users in the transition to the new Microsoft Office Suite, and they have done a great job.